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Introduction to swimming

Did you know that swimming is the most masterable and practiced sport since birth? Have you ever heard of the great benefits of swimming, including his physical and psychological health?

Are you the one who avoids going to the sea and swimming pools because you don’t know how to swim?

For all these reasons, swimming education for beginners has become a self-contained science, art and sport, which many countries teach to their children from a young age, specializing in clubs and schools, and holding competitions and competitions for the development and advancement of the sport.

So we chose to offer you dear reader in this article swimming types and steps to teach swimming for beginners to serve as your comprehensive guide to learning the sport of swimming step by step.

Introducing swimming

Introduction to swimming

Swimming in its practice dates back to the ancient period (Stone Age) bc in ancient Egypt, then known in Europe in 1800, and then took its place among the Olympic Games, and established its own federation, the World Swimming Federation (FINA) in 1908.

It is a physical sport that is exercised in water by moving hands and legs at different movements and speeds, and people are distinguished by the variety of movements they make, and how fast they are.

Benefits of swimming
Tighten the muscles of the body, get rid of sagging, and develop the muscle mass of the body.
Improve breathing process, circulation movement and heart function in the human body.
Give your body a high physique.

Rid the body of excess weight, and reduce the fat mass present in the body.
Develop human mental abilities.

Increases a person’s sense of self-confidence and eliminates them from malaise and anxiety.
It gives you a sense of courage, boldness and the ability to venture.



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