Overcome fear and start learning to swim


At first beginners suffer from fear of water, as the main problem faced

by swimming instructors when learning to swim

for beginners was the worse the learner was a child,

man or woman, is the fear of water, and many of the cases

that failed to learn to swim were due to fear of water

Although fear is a natural feeling in human life, this feeling,

according to mental health experts, is only a safety valve

that warns the human being of the presence of a danger to the body

, and the need to avoid this risk through certain behavior or

reactions accompanied by a series of physiological changes Why,

Which can help the human to deal with the situation of danger

either by escaping from the situation or confronting it,

but there are patterns of it may reach the level of illness and it may

then be described as psychological anxiety, when feelings of fear

become exaggerated awe, and this kind of fear may be due to

various factors may be a drowning incident occurred with the

person himself or happened to someone else in front of him,

or hearing some events from others

It may be the result of watching a movie or reading a book

whose events were exposed to the dangers of water,

and a large number of psychologists have pointed out

that to treat this type of fear must provide the source

of fear to the person gradually until the negative experience

is positively reversed again, as the face of the source of fear

t Reggia works to develop a positive perception of negative attitudes,

especially when learning to swim.



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