SWIMMING EDUCATION|Types of swimming education



Swimming Chest

In this type of swim, the swimmer puts his chest on the water surface,

lifts the back parts of his head above the water surface,

his hands in front of them bend them and then pushes them forward alternately

, takes out his head to breathe and then returns him back to the water.

Back swimming

The swimmer lies on the water on his back, starting from the pool walls by

pushing his body with water with the movements of his feet,

which must be submerged in water, and rotating his hands with rowing
movements behind his head.

Butterfly Swimming

It’s the hardest part of swimming because of the great muscle strength

and physical flexibility you need to make the swim moves.

The swimmer should put his body and head under water and then

raise his head and hands and re-lay them back in the water and

move them forward and then backwards.

Free swimming

In it, the swimmer uses the movements he wants without adhering

to a specific movement or type of swimming,

but rather diversifys the movements as he wants.



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